I Love To Watch You

Poem By Natasha Ashwe

I love to watch you
My eyes become moths drawn by a flame
And you flicker in directions
That are fingers and thumbs on a guitar that’s playing

You permeate the haze
Of my clinging cobweb of lovers
I stare without shame
And time that formerly skipped by goes silent
Hovering above us

You’re fluid art
Every move and gesture becomes a stitch in a design
Accessorizing my heart
Sprucing up the bland interiors pick pocket loves left behind

I love to watch you
I do not want to deprive my pet dementia
You smile because you know
Patronizing because it is clear that I am thrilled you came here.

Comments about I Love To Watch You

Excellent poem, I found it to flow with great wording! ! !
Superb.... I'm mesmerised by guitar playing too, or anyone who has the ability to make music! You captured that perfectly. HG: -) xx
Flow, rhythm and beauty...mmm!
'pet dementia' I don't get, but 'pickpocket lovers' is incredible. Yeah, you're an artist and poet!

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