Love Sonnet Xv

Love, you have brought to me my perfect soul,
More sweet than earthly things, more precious rare,
Hiding its fragrance in my loosened hair
And folding up my body like a scroll.
O, lie with me all night, and let the roll
Of Rapture’s waves wash over us, as, bare
Of anything save Love, we haply share
The joys of our first parents’ chaste control.

My Love, my piece of Heaven God has spilled
Upon my outstretched hands, O, kiss me yet.
Here, lying close to you, I feel—I know,
My being, even now, is charged and filled
With light and bliss it never will forget
Though aeons over my cold corpse should flow.

by Zora Bernice May Cross

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Comments (4)

Excellent poem, I found it to flow with great wording! ! !
Superb.... I'm mesmerised by guitar playing too, or anyone who has the ability to make music! You captured that perfectly. HG: -) xx
Flow, rhythm and beauty...mmm!
'pet dementia' I don't get, but 'pickpocket lovers' is incredible. Yeah, you're an artist and poet!