I Love U, But Now Ur Gone

every time I see you
You look at me with a smile on your face
Like I was your saving grace
You called me beautiful
You called me perfect
You held me so close, so tight
Almost like you were going to lose me
Sometimes non of this seemed right
This was not meant to be
Even after we fought so hard to be together
You couldn’t rip us apart, we were like leather
I broke your heart, and I feel like sh*t
Yet I still love u a little bit
Thinking of you everyday
Wondering if it was all a mistake
But now your gone and moving away
I was to late:
To try and get you to stay
Lost in a dream I don’t want to a wake
Just wanting to drowned myself in a lake
Pain and suffering is the only thing
That makes me feel alive anymore
No matter how bad it drives me insane
I can’t have you back in my life
The way I wanted it to be
Forever my wifey
It’ll never be reality
Only in my dreams, only in my thoughts

by Kayla Fuller

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I love you. You will be my wife, I don't care what I have to do. It's a really good poem.: ]