BT (October 7, in the past / Memphis, Tennessee)

Don't Postpone The Truth


Time to Stretch Out!
With the muse of the truth;

Post, cost, most, host, ghost!
Don't postpone it for the second time.

Muse of love and life,
One! !

Zones and tones,
Stones of life,
Bones of the dead,
Clone wars everywhere!
Mankind on earth.

Cone, drone, lone, throne, done!
Pact and fact,
Watch and match,
Hearth of the earth,
Alone in the bush;

Lines of love and life,
Lime and dime,
To dine with the truth! !
Red Wine for your heart,
White pine for your love,
Fine art of creation!

Evidence of life,
Romance of nature,
Dreams along the line,
Teams and players! ! !
With a game to tame your mind.

Accept the truth! !
Don't postpone the truth!
The truth comes knocking at your door;
Day and night! ! ! !
Only to teach you,
Search your heart!
And bring in righteous morals;
All for peace and love.

Adventure! !
Pictures of love and life;
Works and words of righteous morals,
Able to share and care for others along the line,
Land, sand, grand, band, brand!
Stand up for the truth;
Withouthurtig anyone.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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I guess I've seen it all now. Lies that are the truth. I love your poem of lies, its the truth. Really, no lie. Seriously, tis a very uniquely creative piece of work.