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I Love Woman

Why did God make woman
In the likeness of eve?
With her succulent lips
she deceives.

Why did God make woman,
Make her so delicate?
With the sway of her hips
Man seeks to make her his fate.

Are the thieving thighs
Meant to cover lies?
Are the loosely placed hips
Really venomous whips?
And the sweet words she tells
Really a witch’s spells?

Why is it that when she calls me her pet;
And share with me her sweet kisses,
That it ends in my mournful death?
And why is it that to her I always return,
That even with a battered heart,
Desire, more than pain, burns?

Am I just foolish,
That I seek after torment?
… I want her more every passing moment.
She is the twitch I can’t do without.
And the bitter taste in my mouth.
She is the poisoned air that I breathe.
She is, all I would ever need.
… I love her! ! !

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

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