(July 12,1962 / Moscow, Russia)

I Love You

I love you-
Do you remember how it was
When words were playful and seductive
And we felt
Such tenderness and warmth
Inside our hearts?

I love you
Just for being who you are,
Not trying to be somebody you're not.

I love you
Weren't just words, they truly spelled
A bond, a union between two souls who shared
Such joy and laughter and a sense of ease.

I love you
Spoke the sunlight in the trees,
And we were filled with childlike sense of awe.

I love you
Weren't just words-they were much more
That came fully alive in all we did.

I love you
Was the music of our souls-
Together we were beautifully whole
Like two stringed instruments in perfect harmony.

I love you
Like the sky, the moon, the sea,
I love you like this night that beckons me
Into your warm and passionate embrace-
I love you, darling,
Love your radiant face,
And in your smile I feel forever free!

by Alexander Shaumyan

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