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I Love You
KT (June 4 / Quitman, Texas)

I Love You

Poem By Krista Thomas

You say you love me and I say I love you,
All these feelings seem so fake, but yet so true,
I love you a lot and I care too much,
A glimpse of you makes me want to touch,
Touch your tender lips and touch your heart,
Knowing that I already did from the start,
In the beginning, we didn’t want to get too attached,
Thinking that in the end our hearts and feelings would be scratched,
I know that there’s not going to be an end,
Cause you are my caring and loving boyfriend,
You make my heart sink when you tell me sweet things,
It’s making me wonder what the future brings,
It’s not over and it’s never going to be,
Because you were always meant for me.

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