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I Love You

i finally found you,
i finally care,
for once this aint a dare,
i love you so,
i want you to no,
i never want to let you go,
you live so far away,
i just want you to stay,
we have just one hour,
but we have no power,
the time goes so fast,
i wish it could last,
we sit back and watch the world go by,
it makes me wanna cry,
why do you gotta leave?
why do you gotta go?
i love you so,
and i want you to no,
i'm never gonna let you go,
i need you by my side,
and then i'll show you off with pride,
so please dont run,
and please dont hide,
you should be here by my side,
so i can see your face,
then my heart will beat at a sturdy pace,
i'm sick of only seeing your picture,
i miss you so,
why'd you have to go?

i love you! !

by Bootiful Kid ...

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with every one of your poems.. i can relate to it.. nice poem. if love was meant to be.. love will always find its way again.