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I Love You
KE ( / Wales)

I Love You

This is to the one I love,
although I can never show it!
Everyday I grow in fear,
that she will never know it!

I know I cant tell you,
and it hurts inside.
I wish I could say I love you,
it's eating me alive.

Emptiness fills my shell,
wanting to say how I feel.
Dreaming of this day,
to tell you that it's real.

Your friendship I cant gamble,
you mean to much to me.
Maybe one day I can tell you,
but will that day ever be?

I wish I could just tell you!
I know it wouldn't be hard.
I could write it in some flowers,
or even in a card.

But I know I cant share,
these feelings that's inside.
I really want to tell you,
these feelings that I hide.

So to the one I love,
written without a name.
My dream will come true,
when you feel the same.

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Comments (3)

thas a whole lot better than i could ever do! good job now i'm jealous! lol great poem
aww i love it so very much.......
Touches of I wish I could, Nicely put Kev, we've all been there.