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I Love You...
TAR (8-8-91 / Fresno California)

I Love You...

Poem By tHeNameLeSs23drea Andrea Rivera

I love you
And you love me that’s something I know

But what I think is that you are terrified
Your afraid of what’s inside

Be free
Let your self feel the amity

Just let go
Think in the present forget everything that you or think that you know

Even though I know your warm hearted you act like your as cold as stone
Because of that you will end up alone

But then again that will never happen no matter what you do
you’ll never be alone because how much I care for you

Which isn’t always a good thing, I know it
You need your space and I have to try but its hard to do it

I don’t want to ever let you go
And I am sorry that I cant hide it I let too many of my feelings show

Sometimes I think what would be worse?
Be taken away in a straightjacket or a hearse

That’s the decision at the time; go insane
Or put a bullet to the brain

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