KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

I Love You

I love you this is out of my control and if I should lose you I will lose a peace of my soul.

We can’t find the right words to say to make everything right, and all we do is argue fuss and fight.

I love you, this I know to be true but if I am not the person to keep you happy then I must be the person to lose, I am willing to walk away just to ensure your happiness because I love you that much that I am willing to give you what you need and this you can believe.

I Love you and I realize that we have taken each other for granted and now we have no where to turn; the arms that once was there to be embraced are now crossed and no longer to be opened but closed.

Love cannot be lost but most offend over looked and it turns the in love stage to a fade away, then what is left?

Two people standing faced with the disappointment of what went wrong and where do we go from here?

How can we get back the love we once had?

Or is it lost in the yesterdays never to return for today and tomorrow has no love in it for us.

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