I Love You

You found the door unopened
And ventured bravely without fear
Opening a new world
Changing this depressed, boring girl
How else can I say it?
I can't help but love you
The thought of you makes me quiver
Your voice weakens my limbs
I fall slowly
And the sight
Oh the sight of you brings pure bliss
Yes bliss
Like the kiss of your lips
How better can I sum my feelings?
Other than in three words
So simple
Yet so profound
I love you

by Rachael Hardy

Comments (3)

Dear Rachel: You have a real talent for writing poetry. Loved it. Sorry so long to reply, but I have been sick. Thanks for reading my poems. Love, Janice Herzog xoxo
very true 3 words very simple yet sometimes they are very hard to be said...this poems really shows pure love
Nicely written and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing! !