I Love You....

I see the blue sky
I smell the autumn
see the leaves falling
I hear the music in the air
see love everywhere
my lips touch the
glass of wine
that taste like your lips
and sends chills down my spine
I smell the fresh breath
of yours
don't know if I am
or I lost my feeling
I can't tell no more
Should I worship God
or You?
there is no difference
between the two,
I beg both
and don't find help
no more,
and that,
I loathe,
I see the kids
playing in the street
they look so bright
and so sweet
not knowing what life brings
'cause it is not easy
and a sweet treat,
I touch the colorful
leaves color in
my hands
as it flies
flies away
so far, far away,
I can feel warmth
from your breath
as I lay my head
on your breast
I feel the softness of your neck
lips like rose petals
hips sway right and left
when you move, you are so deft
hair blowing in the wind
like dark clouds
occupy my mind
that I can’t define,
tattoos all over
your back
like God signed his name
red, green, blue, and black
colors, they shimmer and shine
walking bare feet
on the beach
makes my heart
in my throat leap,
red painted toes
makes my heart glow,
I would like to kiss
when you pass by
and it is hard to resist,
touch every inch of you
head to toes,
my dream!
one day you and everyone
else will know
that I love you
more than ever
you and the world
will know
that we can
work it out together
and love each other
now and forever...

by Khalid Hameed

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Nice piece thank you for sharing