I Love You

As is sit alone in my room
all i can think about is you!
The way you make me feel,
The way you treat me like a princess,
The way you think the world of me.
I stop and think... your not the lucky one..... I am
You brought me out of my darkness
You broke down my rather tall and thick wall i had up against all guys.
Theres something about you that told me that it was ok to open up to you and love you.
Many people will look at us and say 'Its just puppy and it will end soon.'
My responce will always be 'I'm in this for the long run and i will love him forever! '
I start listing all the reasons why I love you.
I love you not only for who you are but for who i am when im with you.
I love you for the part of me you bring out when we talk.
I love how you make everything ok again when I am crying by just saying 'Baby its ok.'
I love how you text me first thing in the morning with that text that says 'Good morning Beautiful.'
You make me feel beautiful, and i would feel that way even if you didn't tell me.
I love how you make me feel like i matter.
I sit back and think 'Wow! I have finally done something right in life! Because i had to done something to end up with the most amazing and perfect man in the world! ' I love you baby! I have from day one! I love you always have and always will untill the day my heart stops beating!

by Cassie Justesen

Comments (3)

.nice poem! .i like it, coz it sounds so real..keep writin..
'I love you not only for who you are but for who i am when im with you.' It sounds beautiful I'ld like to use it in one of my songs! U're really talented! Keep going, you've got what the thing is made of...! A.O.D.
I can see why he loves it. I would too if I were him! Good Luck!