I Love You

With each day that passes,
I love you more and more,
A passion like ours,
Can't be ignored,

Our days together,
I wish would last forever,
Because the moment I met you,
I knew we could share a love that is true.

by Felicia Manning

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A well articulated love poem nicely penned with conviction. A poem with a beautifully shaped body. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas. Please read my poem MZANSI AND THE BALLOT BOX.
i like the shape of the poem. it reminds me of a tree trunk which a beaver has been ripping into! how about the nights together? don't forget them! ! ! :) bri - - - - - - - - - - - [Sheila and Clifford are awaiting you. the last? chapter is submitted and the poet's note has been added to. have a nice week.
Few words, big message. I like it.