I Love You Forever And Always

It's a sin if I can't confess
To the truth that you're beautiful and
It's a curse if I deny that I'm not
Deeply in love with you because you're
The object of my affection that makes
My life spinning around like eclipse of the sun

You're the drug I'm addicted to
Because missing you for a second is like
A year. I owe you an obligation
Of non-stop loving and caring and an
Oath to always make you mine forever and
Never let go because you're my miss world.

You've got the same name and character
Like my mother that's why I love the way
You treat me like a son with your true love.
Mama, you unconditional love makes me
To question life if there's death because
It makes me feel eternity with a new life.

Your nymphet looks always put me in a
Level one sexual alert that causes me to beep
Like an alarming clock especially the
Looks of your magnetic eyes that makes me
To become speechless and your succulent
Lips that really drives me crazy like a fool.


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