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I Love You & I Miss You
AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

I Love You & I Miss You

Poem By Allen Keith Turner

I love you & I miss you,
I want to see you again.
Soon we will be together,
I can't wait to hold your hand.

We have been to far apart,
for way to long.
My life just isn't the same,
when you are gone.

I think of you & wonder,
each & everyday.
What do I have to do,
to bring your love my way.

I know I will see you,
I just don't know when.
So I Count the long days,
till we are together again.

To my daughter that loves me,
This is how I feel.
I have always loved you,
And I always will! ! !

To Erika

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