I Love You (Meghan) Part 2

Poem By thomas coltrin

I looked at you and forgot my name
I kiss your neck and grab your waste,
I know somehow this will never work
Forget the past and what’s been broke,
I know your young and I’m too old
The stories have been somehow told,
What they assume and what we do
The thing that matters is the truth,
You hold my hand I pull you close
And wonder how our love just grows,
Don’t want to speak for you I don’t
But what I feel is what you feel
At least that’s what I think is real,
I saw u today in my arms
You use your smile against my charms,
You get what ever that you want
And bug me with your useless taunts,
It doesn’t bug me never will
It’s me, who you just somehow kill,
I take my pain in with a pleasure
Because you are my heavy treasure,
Id jump the world maybe too
So I can be here just with you,

Comments about I Love You (Meghan) Part 2

wowww sooooooooo much love for Meghan i luvvvvvvvvvv vit! ! ! ! -10 anjali
u write with your heart.. outstanding job my friend

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