I Love You My Friend

When I became your friend,
i never thought it will be like this,
it will be so beautiful.

I want to talk to you,
I want to share with you,
I want to see you.

I wait for you,
and when you reply,
I feel so good.

I don't know,
how I got attached to you
in such small time.

How you became so special to me,
how I think of you so much,
but I do, and I love this feeling,
I love to be your friend.

It must be the luckiest day of my life,
when i saw you here...

And i promise you,
I will be there for you,
when you need me,
and even when you don't.

I will be there,
to take care of you,
to listen to you,
to make sure,
that you are happy.

May our friendship lasts forever,
till the end.

I love you,
I love you my dear friend...

by Richard Howardson

Comments (4)

Good work Richard.
this poem is really good i like it alwaiz foxiibabii
True friends are like diamonds that last forever...I love you too friend! ! ! Great piece... Love, Heart
A very good tribute to a true friend, the one that you love! A 10.