I Love You, O Lord

Ani ohev otcha, O Adonai;
. yes, I want to love You, my Creator!
I want to fall for You, O El Shaddai
. and to fall in love with You, my Savior!
For my heart’s desires, to You they belong
. and my mindset’s for Your glory alone;
To You alone, O God, sings my lifesong
. and for You only, Lord, is my life’s throne!

Who am I that You are so mindful of,
. that You loved me amongst the creation?
Who is this man You are so thoughtful of,
. that o’er all things, You’ve placed his position?
For all things, by Your word, You’ve created
. but by Your powerful hands, I was made;
You’ve dusted Your hands to have me knitted
. when ev’rything existed as You’ve said.

O, if only this wind I could forbid
. that I could follow You with a clear sky;
If only this storm, to end, I could lead
. that with You, O Lord, smoothly I could fly!
If only I have wings of an eagle
. that over the storm, with You, I could fly,
That I could break into the clouds’ middle
. so I could see you, my God, eye to eye!

But in storm, I know Your love’s still the same,
. and Your steadfast love endures forever;
With these waves, Your love’s as still as Your Name
. and Your loving-kindness won’t surrender;
In my weakness, You could still understand
. and when I’m storm’d out, You’ll still stay and care;
When I sin, You’ll still guide me with Your hand
. and to deliver me, You are still there!

O my Lord, lead me to Your righteousness
. so that I may be pleasing to Your sight;
Lead me, Lord Jesus, to Your holiness
. that in my lifesong, You may take delight;
Come and change my heart, O Lord Christ Jesus,
. that like You, my Lord God, I might be,
And come, change my life, You who have saved us
. that Your character may be seen in me!

How I love You, O Great I AM my God!
Yes, I want to fall in love with You, Lord!

by Yehoshua Shim'onai

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