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I Love You So Much I Hate You
MY (3/11/94 / )

I Love You So Much I Hate You

my heart is black,
and you helped it do that,
the way you play with my love,
makes me feel like mud,
the way you look at me and tell me you care,
and then you leave and do the same thing to some other girl,
i feel the feelings you have for me,
but i dont know if i want them,
you play around with me,
and i dont like that,
when im with you im so in love,
and then when you leave i swear i hate your guts,
you never really talk to me,
the way i want you to,
about the past and what you did to me,
the way you ripped out my heart,
and threw it away,
like an old toy never played,
in the beginning everything was great,
untill that girl came back and stole you away,
you swore to me you didnt and wouldnt hurt me,
i guess thats a lie cause look at me now,
when you say you love me and your just jokeing,
my heart breaks and falls to the ground,
my black heart is nothing now,
because of you i am nothing,
you broke me down untill i was invisiable to everyone around,
i hated you for what you did,
but im so in love with you,
that i pushed it out of my head,
i need you to know how i feel,
before its to late,
because when you come and im already gone,
ill be just another mistake like all the other things you put off...

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