TB (June 15,19- / Knoxville, TN)

I Loved Once

I was young and he was young, both not over eightteen..we were oversea's when we met..I as an army brat, him as a young man in the Air Force..knowing no more about love than I did.
We were in a strange country with ways we did not understand..we stood close.

I loved once...a soldier and he held my hand in the Air Force theatre that showed movie's or had the USO shows to entertain..or the church services on Sunday mornings.

In this foreign land he served in and I was there with my family..we would meet and watch the movie's with our hand's sweating as we held them together..but we didn't care.

I loved once with no kiss'es, just to set by one another and hide in the dark theatre and dream of things we hoped would come to us in the future back home.

I loved once as I looked at him from across the room or when he sat by me..but so few words we spoke..and then I had to go home to the states...leave him there..I was sad.

I loved once the young soldier boy i left in that far away country and promised to write everyday when i returned to the states.I wrote and he wrote.

I loved once and he wrote me and then he left me for another country he had to go to...and nothing more from him ever again.

I loved once...and I lost him.

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