I Loved You

Poem By Timothy Lee Hollandsworth Jr.

I want to write the most beautiful words for you
There just don't seem enough to say what I feel
I want you to know just what is in my head
Before you lay tonight with someone else in your bed

It would seem I've lost my touch for romantics
Tell me, what reason have I left to care?
What I wouldn't give to touch your sweet lips
To be what you needed, I said I will always be there

I've danced with the devil
I've kissed in the rain
After knowing your heart
I'll never be the same

I'm stuck in cold October
Will the time ever turn?
Wake me when it's over
Till then, I'll sit here and yearn

I'm stuck in wonderful
Bitter cold October
I'm here with out you
Just wake me when it's over

Comments about I Loved You

ur heart has a color gold.. amazing write! 10
Wonderful! i just wish i could write poems like that!

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