I'M 39

What's the purpose of writing down something,
So as not to forget
When doing so is forgotten,
And remembering it one quits!
How about this one,
Looking for a sock that is in your hand?
And walking around with it,
Then throwing it in the trash can!
Not saying I've done this...
But I know these things 'someone' has done!
In my mind I still think I'm 39!
And I'm sure the day will come when I am reminded,
I will soon be 61!
'That' too 'someone' will put into the trashcan to find!
I'm celebrating anniversaries these days.
And I'll be celebrating my twenty-second time,
Of being 39!
THAT I do remember!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Thank you for this wonderful poem, reminds me of my mom... she was 16 for years! ! Aging may not be gracefully done, but the two of you have the best fun with it... besides, it's just a number. Happy 39th, enjoy all the rest of your many 39's to come! Lee