I'M A Drop

The infinite ingenuity of man
God's infinite wisdom

Man's power of creation
Creates as well
Sometimes demons

A myriad number of reasons
Within each cell the same essence
Multiplicity multiplies equivalence

Integrity, scrupulous attention to details
Causality, temporal law present

Unity 'Love' has no reason
I'm a drop
Of the boundless ocean


by Per. Nig.

Comments (13)

A wise poem... We are all simple drops in the infinite ocean of God...
A dropp in the ocean of sweet emotions. CP
Many thoughts in this short and wise poem. Yes, dropp of and from an infinite ocean.. Very well penned! 10
i like what you said. you're right everyone is like a little dropp of the world, but even a dropp can reflect the entire world and gleam your own charm.
good one...drops gathers to make an ocean...nice words with great meaning..
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