QT (July 23,1989 / Miami, FL)

I'M A Feminist Myself

I down talk men that need it, i say things that people can only imagine reading;
I've done things that you think about in your dreams-
I'm the one that makes your mind crazed while its screaming
I'm A Feminist Believe me.

Some disgust me, I'm not the boss but i just know what you men should be doing; I'm the owner i control things. the thought of men makes me laugh myself to hurting my shin....Men oh men how they love to cheat, men oh men how they have not come across a sistah like me.

I make those said to be men walk the walk and talk the talk but this walk is not a walk in the park-
I'm a feminist indeed a man will never have me as his waitress for his needs; I'm independent true indeed i ask now what can a man do for me?

The bazaar things men take you through, why is it that you men think i cant do a better job than you or be the boss of you...trust me i will show you that im the owner of this castle.

I'm a feminist myself because i need no man to provide for me, god is my savior therefore he is the only man who can provide for me as my fellow sister has spoken for me Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni has created a walkway to strut my stuff on high hills of believe that there's no man that can take care of me besides the mighty man i pray to and hold his hand for i only live under his commands

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