I'M A Lonely Cowboy Part Two


I'm a lonely cowboy riding all alone.
riding o'er the country, no one to call my own,
I just left Missouri and went down to Arkansas,
looking for my true love, someone I never saw,
I don't know where I'll find her, or maybe she'll find me,
if we ever get together, it will end my misery,
I've seen a lot of women, in my travels all around,
but I haven't seen the one that will make my world go round,
she don't have to be good looking, for beauty lies within,
to me she'll be the fairest woman, there has ever been,
I just want her to love me, the same as I'll love her,
I've had all the loneliness my heart can endure,
then one bright and sunny weekend, they had a rodeo,
I got out my sunday best, determined that I'd go,
I thought I'd do some ropin, on a calf tonight,
and maybe make some money, if things all went just right,
after the first go round, I was up amongst the best,
just one more calf to rope, the same as all the rest,
the cowboys took their turns, their times were mighty fine,
the cowboy right before me, had the fastest time,
he had a seven flat, then I did a six point nine,
it seemed to be an omen into the luck of mine,
I took my first money, and headed into town,
I went into a tavern just to wet my whistle down,
they had a band there playing, some pretty lively songs,
it set my toes to tapping, I began to sing along,
then up walked a pretty maiden, she asked me if I'd dance,
she was just being friendly not looking for romance,
my knees began to shaking, my voice began to break,
my heart started in to racing and my love it came awake,
we started out two steppin, soon we waltzed across the floor,
I knew I'd met the woman, that I'd been searching for,
our talk it came so easy, and our laughter too,
it was then I told her, 'I've been looking, all my life for you',
her eyes were shining brightly, her smile was dazzling white,
we both knew we were bitten, by the lovebug at first sight,
my lonliness was over, my sadness it was too,
I owe all my happiness, to my lady Betsy Lou.

written by Harry Bryant
4/17/03 2: 13: 49 AM
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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