I'M A Mother Mourning Dove

I am a little mother mourning dove
I'm the symbol of God's peace and love
A messenger that Noah sent to find dry land,
and I came back with an olive branch in hand.

I have lived on earth since time began,
I weigh an ounce, to kill me is a wasteful sin.
When you take sight to shoot me down,
Just remember someday I won't be around.

In the distance I can hear my lifetime mate,
Cooing his love songs to me as I wait.
I'm the most gentle bird that can be found,
A mother dove and my color is gray and brown.

I nest in trees among the wild flowers
To raise my family of little ones
Among God's meadows, sunshine and showers
Just as all mother doves have done.

My little ones have hatched and left their nest,
Scattered all about, north, south, east and west.
My young ones have put their wings to the test,
and as a mother dove, I know I've done my best.

by Eva M. (Golden) Byrnes

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