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I'M A Prophet Too
PND ( / Billings, Montana, USA)

I'M A Prophet Too

Poem By Patricia Nora Dicus

I'm a prophet too!
Yes I am.
I can tell you,
the world won't end!
Yes, I'm a prophet,
take it from me.
The world will change,
It won't end I see.
A year before, it came true,
The Oklahoma bombing,
I predicted it too!
You don't believe me?
I don't know why
I saw a plane,
fall from the sky!
I saw the truth,
twas years before.
looking out my window,
through futures door!
It really happened,
It's sad to say,
In billing's mt,
A horrible day!
That's just A sample,
so make your call!
The future's yours,
If you believe, at all!

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