I'M Afraid

To Tell The Truth,
and nothing
but the whole truth
I'm aftaid, and I
shouldn't be,
nothing at my young age.

I'm afraid,
one day I'll wake up,
and all of reality will suck,
I'm afraid that I'll have nice things,
the promise that no kids will bring,
but with my castle all built up,
I'm more afraid of being lonely,
no kids that grew up,
just an empty place in my heart,
I'm afraid of being lonely,
a friend without a homie,
afraid of being tired with no wife,
to comfort me,
and that my friends,
just comes with being me.

I'm afraid, of being alone,
no one to hold me,
no one to comfort me,
just me by myself and I...

I don't want it,
I promise that I'm true,
I'd rather be loyal,
to my wife and my kids,
and making sure there are
bacon and eggs in the fridge.
I'd rather work even in the hard times,
making sure we ain't standing in the bread line,
maybe it's the youth in this generation,
or maybe I'm just dedicated,
to finding the one,
and when my time comes,
I can leave my kids with a good foundation,
one that I thought didn't exist.
I don't want to be a hermit anymore,
I'm sick of my heart being sore,
I want to find you,
out there maybe,
I believe in true love,
you can call me crazy.

by Matthew Petranovich

Comments (2)

A very nice poem on the worries of youth and qualms of the future in a light but sincere youthful way! Super to read u again.
Yes telling truth should not be afraid of but you are because of clumsy world of today. But still you live with courage to believe in true love that is for God. Nice work. Keep on writing. May God bless you.