I'M Alone

I'm all alone now
No where else to go
I'm lost forever
I guess I'm alone a long time ago

Theres nobody out there for me
All I can feel is emptiness
No friends
I'm full of dullness

Does someone out there cares
None of my friends understands
Now my heart can't be repaired
It's about to expand

Life is nothing without anyone
I feel as if I'm about to fall
Like an injured robin
But I landed on a wall

I wanted to ask if someone knows me
The real me
I tried to ask them
Very calmly

But now I know the truth
I'm all alone
I can't change the fact
That I'm in alone zone

by Liz Gellur

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you r not alone there r times when we all feel lonely but that doesn't make us alone there r plenty of poeple out there who love u great poem keep up the good work renee