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I'M Already Lonely
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

I'M Already Lonely

Why am I chasing you?
You've never chased me too
Every time I think about how much I supposedly love you
It shows me just how lonely I am, but I know you're not lonely too
I'd be conceited to think that I'm on your mind
I know you're not, I feel like I mean as much to you as a passing wind
You've made me so lonely because you just don't notice me
You've made me so lonely because I can't see
Why you 'd do this to me... what did I to deserve
Such scorn, such ignorance, when you know I'd do anything for you I'd serve
You, but none of my devotion means anything
Apparently my love and affection are just disgusting
Otherwise you wouldn't repulse
I can't help my feelings... I might be acting on impulse
But I can't deny how I feel
Even if you promise me my love isn't real
I can't contain
I can't abstain
Because I can't destroy my love
Yet you've made me so lonely
I don't even know what to think anymore, do you even like me? !
Even as a friend? I wonder what you think of
Me, so what do you expect me to do
When I can't stop loving you
But each day
You make me more lonely and I know even if I told you... you'd never stay

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