I'M Always The One To Blame

I'm always the one you blame
Every time I tried to tell the truth
You said my excuses are lame
Why do you never believe me?
Now this is what I became

A person that's unloved
And alone
I don't have my friends
I wanna call someone on the phone
But there's no one to call
No one to love or loved by
No one to tell my feelings

I'm always the one that you blame
Isn't there someone else you can shout at
I guess not, that's a shame
You're always on her side
It's always the same

I'm the one you blame
I'm always the one you see
Always the one to get angry at
And is always lonely

You always go on her side
As if she's always right
I know there's nothing anger can do
So I pretend to be alright

Even though deep inside
I'm angry and sad
I tried to show you that I'm ok
But I'm mad
At all of you, every single one of you

Why am I always the one you blame?

by Liz Gellur

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I think lots of us have felt this way before. Very heartfelt. Sincerely, Connie Webb