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I'm An Aussie
AS (20/04/1987 / )

I'm An Aussie

I'm an Aussie
I like me eggs over easy
with a stash of crispy bacon
I like to watch the cricket
And a lot of footy
I sit on me comfy couch
with me feet up and head back
I'm an Aussie
A fair dinkum, beer drinkin Aussie

I like to keep me legs hairy
Those Red back spiders...pffft
They don't scare me
I like to go down to the beach
And get me hair a nice sun bleach
I like a bit of steak on the bar-b
And a bit of shade under me pine tree
I'm an Aussie
A fair dinkum, beer drinkin Aussie

I like to bring me buddies around
For a guys night out
We can all stay up late
Don't worry mate
The beers are my shout!
We'll go back home and back to bed
Nah... lets go fishing instead
That's what i wanna do
That's me

I'm an Aussie
A fair dinkum, beer drinken Aussie

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Comments (7)

Great poem mate! ! Feel just the same.
Mmm, eggs over easy. Got to say I am a fan of Australia, but I would love to live in NZ.
I like the meter of it. it flows along...creative with humor.. don't you want to join a kind of humor poem contest in here...There's a chance for you there...Nice one Allen! you'll go far! indeed!
the good ol' Australian mate. ever go down to Cott much? nice beach, that.
Great poem! This poem should become more familiar in our Luck country, mate! Love your style and great to read a poem from another Aussie!
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