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I'M An Entertainer As Well
( / Connecticut)

I'M An Entertainer As Well

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

I use to be the kind,
To just give away my stuff.
During the time I was convinced,
My willingness to share,
Would return respect.

And then one day,
It occurred to me my giving...
Had been expected not to end.
And those who I gave would use my stuff,
With a pretending it was theirs.

Today those yesterdays,
Of giving my stuff away have gone.
As so have those naysayers who oppose,
To think my asking to be compensated,
Is an ego I show that has been inflated.

No one had anything to say about my ego...
When it was believed I did not know,
What I gave away was valuable.

And if it had been ego,
From which I operated to inflate...
I could have done that years ago,
To keep my stuff and be as self-centered and petty...
Like the people who continue to feed on deeds,
While criticizing what others do...
To not know the value and price paid,
When time to find and mind to spend has been sacrificed.

You want something from me?

We would like to know,
If you'd mind writing something...
Or singing for our church program?
We will give you an hour.'

It sounds great.
What is your budget?

This is for the Lord. God. Our Father in Heaven.'

I'm sure the 'Lord. God. Our Father Which Art in Heaven,
Will understand there's some folks here on Earth...
Got bills to pay. Food to eat.
And would love to be paid.
Show God that you can show me...
Just how highly favored I am.

'We can't do that.
But we can feed you to show you our appreciation.'

Tell that to your minister and musicians.
I am an entertainer as well.
God knows I don't need the exposure.
I hear the voice of God right now saying,
'Get Paid.'
Seek 'yea' the silence.
And hear to listen to the words from 'Our' Father.

'I don't hear a thing.'

Perhaps you are not as devoted as I am.
I'll be willing to negotiate,
When 'my' reality becomes a fact you'd like to pay for.

'God has bestowed upon you your gifts.'

I will say this...
You are getting closer to understanding,
What my needs are to maintain them.

'We CAN get someone else, you know? '

Call me if you want recommendations.
I know tons of folks,
Seeking exposure, cake and a free meal.

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