(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

I'M Baaaaaaack Hahaha!

Madness! ! !
Take me my sweet!
My beloved madness!
Return me to my feet! !

It's time for the world see the real me! !
Let the blood flow once more from my eyes! !
From the moment on I decree! !
I will destroy those that inhabit this world I despise! ! !

I'm have finally come back! !
And now its time for me to play! !
My heart is once again black! !
So many will die upon this day! !

Dear old Eric is dead! !
Poor damned child shot himself in the head! !
Now let it drain of all the worthless dread! !
And let us begin as I rise from this blood soaked bed! !

Time to play my favorite game! !
Time to show the world all of my hate! !
Time that you all learned my name! !
Why don't you all join in and participate? !

I'm The Real Eric! ! !
And I'm back to play! !
Here in my beloved darkness! !
This is where I'll stay! !

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Comments (2)

Well! ! Prince! You have invited me! Here am! ! Let us play! ! !
I LOVE IT! ! ! ! ! Thank you so much for brightening my Monday morning: D: D: D