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I'M Being Bullied!
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I'M Being Bullied!

Poem By Thistle Wargul

Every minute of every day,
Every second of every play,
I’m being bullied!

They’ll give me a kick or they’ll give me a punch,
They’ll do it in the lesson or they’ll do it at lunch,

Why oh why does it have to be me,
Why oh why can I not be free?
I’m being bullied!

They will not let me get in line,
They’re waiting for me all the time,

Why oh why are they mean to me,
Why oh why can the teachers not see?
I’m being bullied!

When I’m going to the shop,
Or trying to have a toilet stop,

I do not get a moment of peace,
I’m being bullied!

They’ll shove me over, pull me hair,
They’ll do it almost anywhere,

Hit me round the head they will,
Or really to lock me in the mill’
I’m being bullied!
Can they just not stay away?
They slap and they call me gay,

They steal my things they ruin my work,
They take my money and take my purse,
I’m being bullied!

One day they are sure to see,
That all those boys're bullying me,

They shall stop for all it’s worth,
Bullies won’t be excepted on the Earth,

But one day isn’t soon enough,
I’m being bullied! ! !

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