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I'M Better
DF (October 9,1995 / Tiffin, OH)

I'M Better

I feel happier,
I feel enthusiastic,
I'm Better.
I'm over you and done with you,
Done with your games, the way you get to me, and the way you treated me.
I feel free,
I feel alive,
I'm Better.
My friends(scratch that) best friends made me realize something,
That is:
You're Hurtful,
And the most important you never Care about anybody but yourself.
You just love hurting and getting what you want with girls,
You love ruining our lives and everytime you hurt a girl you make yourself feel better.
That is all you do,
You make me sick.
But I was so blinded and convinced that you cared for me,
I never realized what you did till i felt it.
But now I'm Better.

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