I'M Cancer

It sidles and it scurries and it nips you to the quick,
It hides inside the darkness and begins to make you sick,
The white robed proctor tries to stop it; maybe make you well,
The worm just smiles and smirks and says 'You can't, sir, I'm cancer,
You just scream and shriek and yell.
It has no lips or mouth or teeth,
It works such long hours, never rest or sleep,
Blood, bones, heart or kidneys, to it, it's all a feast.
So you moan and groan and try to remember how to pray,
It says "Why're ya doing all that crying, I ain't never going away.
The general in white begins the fight, with tools of impressive array
He tries his gases, acids, gashes to make you live another day.
But it just smiles and simpers, and you'll hear it say.
He'll never get it right, takes a bigger bite to really make you pay.

by Denis Holzhauser

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