WB (1948 / TX)

I'M Cool With That

Come praise the stars, the wind, the rain
That course the earth; come praise the pain
And pleasure that the years bring forth:
Praise every particle of the Universe.

Doubt denials of the flame
Which courses through the hearts of men:
The ones who lose, the ones who win,
Are indistiguishable, in the end.

The wretched and the fortunate
Will join each other in the dark
Those who were wrong, those who were right
Will join each other in the Light.

Light and Dark will alternate
Eternally: this is man's fate.
Come, laugh; come, commiserate.
Dance your day, and sing your night.


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Love this poem. A fine piece of penning.... Kudos
A message of acceptance and responsibility. A hymn of praise and affirmation of life. Very wise and balanced composition. It was a message I needed to hear. I wish I could feel the same way.
Couldn't have been written better. Beautiful piece which explains all. Your message is received and understood. Over and out. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
This has been a great day for finding great poems and this is one of them. Excellent literary piece.
There is no line that is not a favorite in this...and (in my wittiest repertoire) my most favorite line has to be 'Doubt denials of the flame'. I may be taking it out of context (of course I'm known to do that) but this is the diamond point of your stylus for me, the mature kernel from which the rest sprouts. philosophical balance and a magnificent work, Will. -Tailor
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