I'M Crazy For You (Joy Eyisi)

My love for you is young and old,

old like Great Rome,

and young like a new born baby.

I wish not to hurt you,

but to show you my real love,

for I’m crazy for you,

Wantin’ to make you conscious o’ my true love,

love devoids o’ unrealistic aspirations.

I plan to love you

more than a million times;

see my love paint’d and print’d in my eyes:

explore my skull,

and you will see it there,

thinkin’ about you night and day;

telescope my heart,

and you will feel ev’ry beat of it there;

inspect the intricate o’ my mind,

and you will know it longs for you,

for my body and soul can’t resist you!

Forgive me for I’ve wrong’d you;

for many are friends that show their loyalty,

but not all stand to show their sincerity,

And this is the loyalty and sincerity

Which I show that I’m crazy for you

by Eche Ononukwe

Comments (2)

So warm and wonderful to see my friend is in love. You have allowed that big heart of yours to open your spirits door and show your love all that you are. You are so completely honest and protective of your sweetheart, it warms my heart and no matter how that may have worked out........ It was a strong man who was not afraid to lay it on the line, no matter what. I hope you are happy and full of laughter........Jim
the girls quite lucky beautiful poem