I'M Dead I'M Gone

Insecurities lining up at the door,
Digging deep into my core,
Putting the monster inside my head,
Not letting me go to bed,
Sleepless nights found their way,
To my bed I just lay,
Not even waking up anymore,
Just restless and sore,
I have no respect, I have no love,
Can't i run away like a dove?
I feel the pain,
Its in my brain,
Bleeding from irregular holes,
Even the heart you stole,
Ripping my skin all to shreds,
Getting strapped to the insane asylum beds,
Electric shock from the heater in my bath,
How I'm hospitalized you do the math,
Am I dead? Am I broken? Am I not here?
Oh how everything is certainly unclear,
I misunderstand the meaning of life,
I wish someone would stab me with a knife,
I wish I was dead,
A bullet straight to the head,
Depression is right there,
As you all stare,
I'm Dead I'm gone,
No more fairy tale love song,
I'm dead I'm gone,
From everything I did wrong.

by Theresa Short

Comments (2)

for a good deal of us, poetry is easier to express when we experience sadness. I'm one.. Thanks for sharing, Theresa
Very poetic expression of your depressed feelings. The strength of this poem lies in a poetess seeming to give some space to the depression.While media want to make us believe that life is supposed an all happy event, it is not. I do not know much how to deal with sadness but still I feel so often that sad is not bad, it is not good either, just a normal human feeling. If I get stressed and pressured about it, it tends to get stuck. If I just accept it to be there transiently, it gets some space to move and moving it does. Great piece of poetry here