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I`m Done Reaching Out

I have reached out in so many ways
For help to save me from the hurt and hate
Noone helped nothing took place
So i`m saying this to the human race
As i walk though the hurt walk past the hate
I don`t care what you think cause my minds in a state
I`m walking past the war and ignoring it all
I`m walking past home and ignoring the door
If someone hurts me ill put them on the floor
I don`t want to hate but that seems the only cure
I don`t want to fight but i feel so insurcure
I don`t feel right i`m no were near pure
Yet i will keep doing this night after night
I don`t know why maybe it`s just a detour
So i can ignore the fear and that i`m insurcure
Or maybe that i have noone to keep me safe anymore

by ashley roberts

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The message came through surprisingly well. Thank you.