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I'M Done With Your Games
DD (09-01-1982 / Stockton California)

I'M Done With Your Games

I'm done with your games, you make me sick
I'm glad we're over, you remind me of Rick
Does it make you feel big to call me those names
Whats the matter? Girlfriend wont play your games
Good for her I hope she sees
The kind of man you can be
Its pretty sad when your kids cry
they dont want you. I wonder why
You're no father, cant you see
They dont love you like they do me
I'm sad to say this, but whats done is done
You hurt me enough, now its time to have fun
I'm gonna live my life as it should be
Spread my wings and fly free.

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The bitter feelings didnot wither your quality of rhyming and expressing the thoughts. I liked your poem very much. thanks