I'M Down For More 'Hits' And 'Tweets'

No longer can I tolerate or welcome,
Vague relationships in which...
I am not regarded as a partner, friend,
Or a participating lover.
And on this day I affirm my stance,
To share myself with a mate...
Who has passion and knows,
A thing or two about romance.

No matter how warm the eyes that dance.
Or promises of devotion to commit.
Since I have already experienced this,
To get from others with only heartfelt selfishness.
And at this stage of life I have matured with age,
To know there is much more I expect...
Than having quick satisfying recreational sex,
With a rating of it to compare against who does it best.

To then accept being disrespected,
By someone unimpressed...
That my performance hasn't left them out of breath.
And yes...
I may be 'old school' but desperate I am not.
If I am willing to share my nakedness,
I am not going to lay patiently to listen...
To anyone who may be disappointed I've got age spots.

'Now I can see,
Why you have no mirror above your bed.
Or kleig lighting set up for my cameras.
And you expect me to be romantic?
Old school or not...
Do you know what time it is?
I'd be too embarrassed to download that performance.'

I'm seeking companionship and one to love.

'With no lights, camera and...no action?
Good luck.
I'm down for more 'hits' and 'tweets'.
And 'friends' with opinions to give.
Do you know what day and age this is we live? '

I still remain the optimist.

'The op-to-who?
You have got to be kidding?
How old are you? '

Looks are deceiving.

'You can say that again.'

Looks aree deceiving.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Bloody hell Larry. So nice to read you again, and see you have not lost an ounce of your originality.