I'M Drowning In Love

I'm drowning in love
And I don't mind
I don't need a life saver
Don't call a lifeguard

Just let me drown peacefully
Let love fill my lungs
Let it wash all over me
Let me bask and bathe in it

Let love take me as its victim
Let me beyond its surface
Let me experience its depths
How deep down does it go?

Let me explore its realms inside and out
Let it consume me and I consume it
Let us get to know each other
Until we know everything there is to know

And everyday after let us start over
And began to drown all over again

by Shaquay Spencer

Comments (1)

It flows like a Christian baptism experience, ie a full immersion, a losing of oneself, yet attaining a higher purpose, as if being born again, like in the love song, With You, I'm Born Again... It also reminds me of being flooded by standing close to a waterfall. I like the way the poem embraces the embracing of love itself, recognising its benign power for all Mankind.