I'M Dying

I'm sick, take these pills and injections to feel no pain, to stop it before it finishes me, dying, scary thought, can't be alone, stop poking me with those damn needles, let me die peacefully, let me cough up my own blood, let it run out of my nose, make me feel drowsy, make me feel like this is the end, pale, losing my hair, but only of stress, can't sleep, can't eat as much, i walk around telling myself everyday, i'm not scared of death, that i can fight this, beat my sickness, losing my mind, can't stop throwing up, my body is posionous, swallow those pills, they really don't help, how do i still stay happy, i'm dying, forget it, trying to be a normal teenager, let me live a little before it kills me off.

by Julietta Isla

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I don't want you to die. I wish I knew what to say