I`m Dying Slowly-My Desperate Plea

Even though you hurt me, I you forgive
I am the only reason that you live
My pulse now weakens with every day
Stop killing me, this I pray
With so much love I do you support
But all you do is cut my life short
If there was ever balance it was made by me
But you have upset it, can’t you see
Many things I’ve given you to set you free
But instead you choose, you are killing me
Without me you can`t carry on
No matter what you did, you would not last long
With so much violence you taunt my soul
You burrow inside just like a mole
The things created long ago, no longer there
The pain I’m feeling is becoming too much to bare
From deep inside you suck me dry
And with your toxic fumes you pollute my sky
All around me the trees they wither
As you carve them down with every slither
I ask you I beg, I’m on my knees
You are killing me, stop it please
You fill my veins with toxic things
The end result only tragedy brings
My moods are changing, can`t you see
That by your actions you are killing me
I`ve given birth to so many beautiful things
But now mostly only pain it brings
I desperate message to you I send
Stop killing me, it`ll be your end
My body exploited by I don`t know who
O wait I see now, I think it`s you
The time is coming to draw my final breath
For all to stop and accept my death
Such a beautiful place that I have made
My only wish is that I could have stayed
I was here long before your birth
But now I’m dying slowly, your planet earth

by Vaughn Bekker

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Comments (20)

a very nice point of viewing this earth. Great..
This poem really suprises me....its deep and interesting..Very well written and If spoke in words would be sooo amazing
this is an amazing poem its soo deep and real. i love it your amazing i would love to be able to write something that deep.
great poem......the first couple of lines give the impression its about a break-up but then you realise its actually about mother earth...
this really good poem i like it alot i feel like dying slowly
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