I'M Famous

In the words of Maya Angelou-'When you see my passing it ought to make you proud' I'm a woman of greatness with grace and style-
I'm Famous

My name in everyones mouth, but they don't know what my real name is; My mother always said i stay in someones mouth but i never knew it would be like this-I dare those to be what i am or destined to be for i am a queen-For my mother told me i could be anything i wanted to be-
I'm Famous

Years from now or either to today I'm a walking statue; you will remember my name, and my face-I'm Famous

Whether you consider me famous for the right or maybe even the wrong reason-I'm famous because I'm the newest thing talked about in different season....

'They say the only thing constant in the world is change' well i have a new saying 'the only thing constant in my world is fame'...why? Because so many of you already know my name! And that is why- I'M FAMOUS

by Queen Taz

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i believes u could be famous...........one day.......keep.............
There are those who'll smirk And think that they know better Yet as you have proven being famous is a lark And those doubters should respect their better!