(19/03/91 / Salford)

I'M Finally Free! !

So I'm back at the beggining
And yet I have so much more
I smile and finally I can
Shut depressions door.
It will open sometimes
And I feel it in my mind
It will push my mood down
Like it did before
But it won't happen as often
That I can be sure
And someday, someplace, sometime
It will close for evermore.
So I smile and turn away
Walking further from deaths door
And smile because I'm on the living side
I see some people that I know
And I smile inside
Because I know now that lifes too short
To turn away and hide
I run in the rain
Smiling a real smile
I feel really, truely happy
More happy than I have felt in a long while
And I know sometimes I will fall
And my strength will seem so small
But I won't open deaths door
I know I can't always fit in
It's sad in a way
But to be truely happy
That's the price you have to pay
I'll try new things
And make new friends
Sometime soon I'll be glad to be me
I will get away from jealousy
And I can be happy to be me
So haha depression.........
I'm finally free! ! ! ! ! ! !

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