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I'M Giving Up On Loving You

No longer can I take the pain you put me through,
In my heart I know I will always have feelings for you,
Maybe I will get lucky and some day you will care,
For now I can hide my pain deep within my broken,
The time we’ve been apart,
Made me realize with guys there is no second chance,
You almost came back to me,
But of course you changed your mind,
You have told me so many excuses,
I know them all by heart,
But still they rip me apart,
You ignore me as if I was never a part of your life,
But at least now I know what loves all about,
It starts out happy and then ends in a rush of tears,
Truths turn into lies,
It never ends in happiness,
But who said it would?

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This Poem is stolen, I wrote this Poem myself a long time ago and it was the same thing written a little different. I even put it online.
lonely and sweet poem. i like the way you expressed your words, and i think that it is the best thing someone should do.